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Billiard Accessories in Richmond, VA

Billard Kit, West End Trophies, Richmond, VA
Billiard Kit
Item # / SKU: 51-8693810000
Brand Name: Brunswick
Brunswick Centennial Billiard accessory kit. Kit includes, centennial balls, 4 two-piece Canadian Maple sticks, 9 ball and 8 ball rack, horsehair brush, brass bridge-head and stick,1 dozen chalk and one short 2-piece cue.

List Price:$ 649.00
Our Price:$ 495.00
You Save: $154.00 (24%)

Billard Kit Comp Sport, West End Trophies, Richmond, VA
Billiard Kit
Item # / SKU: KIT-1
Brand Name: Competition Sports
Billiard kit includes the most popular items for all players, as pictured.

List Price:$ 189.95
Our Price:$ 129.95
You Save: $60.00 (32%)

Billard Art Work, West End Trophies, Richmond, VA
Nature's Majesty Lighthouse
Item # / SKU: L12
Brand Name: Electronic Art
Features miniature incandescent light bulbs to bring the photo to life. Size is 24" x 36".

List Price:$ 119.00
Our Price:$ 99.0
You Save: $20.00 (17%)

Cue Kit, West End Trophies, Richmond, VA
Cue Case
Item # / SKU: AC-2-3
Brand Name: Bentley
Cue case for your billiards equipment.

Our Price:$ 26.95

Neon Sign, West End Trophies, Richmond, VA
Neon Sign with Clock
Item # / SKU: N1
Brand Name: Neonetics, Inc.
14" clock with neon. Title is "Pool is a Passion." Blue rim with blue neon.
Options: "8 Ball Swirl", purple neon and black rim

List Price:$ 79.95
Our Price:$ 64.95
You Save: $15.00 (19%)

Wall Rack, West End Trophies, Richmond, VA
Wall Rack
Item # / SKU: RA-116
Brand Name: Competition
Deluxe wall rack, holds 8 cues and accessories.

List Price:$ 199.95
Our Price:$ 169.95
You Save: $30.00 (15%)